CNF Medical provides the key products the cast room uses most. We offer stockinette and cast padding in both cotton and polyester.


CNF Medical’s latex-free cast padding is available in both polyester and cotton. Both afford easy-tear and feathering qualities that allow proper layering and end lay-down for under cast protection. Both are suited for plaster and synthetic cast applications. Performance Padding is available in 2, 3, 4, and 6 inch widths.

Item Number Product Description Package
CCP212 Cotton Padding 2”x4yd 12RLS/BG
CCP312 Cotton Padding 3”x4yd 12RLS/BG
CCP412 Cotton Padding 4”x4yd 12RLS/BG
CCP606 Cotton Padding 6”x4yd   6RLS/BG
PCP212 Polyester Padding 2”x4yd 12RLS/BG
PCP312 Polyester Padding 3”x4yd 12RLS/BG
PCP412 Polyester Padding 4”x4yd 12RLS/BG
PCP606 Polyester Padding 6”x4yd   6RLS/BG


CNF Medical manufactures its own polyester and cotton stockinettes. Not all stockinettes are equal. There are two main designs: the “rib” knit and “jersey” knit. To offer a higher quality of stockinette to our customers, we use the “rib” knit manufacturing process (versus the cheaper “jersey” knit). This allows our stockinette to better maintain its shape when stretched and cut. It also offers the patient a more comfortable product. Performance stockinettes are available in 25-foot rolls in 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 inch widths. They are latex-free.

Item Number Product Description Package
CST125 Cotton Stockinette 1”x25yd BX
CST225 Cotton Stockinette 2”x25yd BX
CST325 Cotton Stockinette 3”x25yd BX
CST425 Cotton Stockinette 4”x25yd BX
CST625 Cotton Stockinette 6”x25yd BX
CST825 Cotton Stockinette 8”x25yd BX
PST125 Polyester Stockinette 1”x25yd BX
PST225 Polyester Stockinette 2”x25yd BX
PST325 Polyester Stockinette 3”x25yd BX
PST425 Polyester Stockinette 4”x25yd BX
PST625 Polyester Stockinette 6”x25yd BX
PST825 Polyester Stockinette 8”x25yd BX


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Accessories Brochure PDF
SDS Sheet – Cotton Padding PDF
SDS Sheet – Polyester Padding PDF
SDS Sheet – Cotton Stockinette PDF
SDS Sheet – Polyester Stockinette PDF