CNF Medical offers three distinct types of fiberglass splinting products: economical roll form, convenient pre-cuts, and versatile unpadded reinforcing strips or splints.

The cut-to-length “roll form” is the preferred method used by most hospital ER systems in the market place today. With roll form, there is minimal waste – you simply measure the patient, determine your needed length and cut the same length from the roll form splint. Clipping the foil end with the supplied “chip clip” helps keep the material soft and fresh for the next application. And CNF padded splint products are padded on both sides so there’s no wrong-side application.

Padded pre-cuts are pre-measured and completely sealed, eliminating the waste that can occur with some roll form splint products. Since they are pre-measured, a box can be spread conveniently through the office or clinic in drawers or cabinets. CNF padded pre-cut splints are available in standard sizes and can be custom-sized to your unique needs.

Unpadded pre-cut splints can play two roles. In the first, the clinician makes the necessary splint from scratch – usually with felt, stockinette, or cast padding. The second function of an unpadded splint is that of a “reinforcing strip” used in casting. This 7-layer strip is used to reinforce behind the heel and help prevent breakdown of the cast. The 4″ x 15″ or 4″ x 30″ can be used here for added strength. A 4″ x 30″ can also be an instrumental component in total contact casting.


Our roll-form splints are 15 feet in length and available in six widths (1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”). All are made with a stretchable hydrophobic polypropylene felt covering both sides for patient protection providing NO wrong-side application. Every Performance Splinting® box contains a convenient “chip clip” that, when properly used, will help keep the remaining unused roll fresh and soft for the next patient application. Set up time is three to four minutes and weight bearing in approximately 20 minutes (depending on the amount of water used and the temperature of the water – warmer water speeds up the set up time). One- and two-inch roll form products use five fiberglass layers. The remaining widths use seven layers of fiberglass. All Performance Splinting® products have a three-year shelf life.

Item NumberProduct DescriptionPackage
PS1L1Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 1”x15 ft.1BX/CSBuy Now
PS2L1Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 2”x15 ft.1BX/CSBuy Now
PS3L1Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 3”x15 ft.1BX/CSBuy Now
PS4L1Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 4”x15 ft.1BX/CSBuy Now
PS5L1Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 5”x15 ft.1BX/CSBuy Now
PS6L1Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 6”x15 ft.1BX/CSBuy Now
PS1L2Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 1”x15 ft.2BX/CSBuy Now
PS2L2Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 2”x15 ft.2BX/CSBuy Now
PS3L2Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 3”x15 ft.2BX/CSBuy Now
PS4L2Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 4”x15 ft.2BX/CSBuy Now
PS5L2Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 5”x15 ft.2BX/CSBuy Now
PS6L2Performance® Splinting Fiberglass Roll Form Splint 6”x15 ft.2BX/CSBuy Now


All Pre-cut splints are padded on both sides and cover the ends. They are prepared and applied to the patient in the same manner as the roll form product. Most of CNF pre-cut splints are packaged 10 each to a box. Our lowest volume 5″ x 45″ and 6″ x 45″ splints are packaged five each to a box. With the exception of 2” wide splints, all pre-cut splints are made with seven layers of fiberglass substrate.

Item NumberProduct DescriptionPackage
PS210PCPerformance® Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 2”x10”10EA/BXBuy Now
PS312PCPerformance® Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 3”x12”10EA/BXBuy Now
PS335PCPerformance® Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 3”x35”10EA/BXBuy Now
PS415PCPerformance® Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 4"x15”10EA/BXBuy Now
PS430PCPerformance® Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 4”x30”10EA/BXBuy Now
PS530PCPerformance® Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 5”x30”10EA/BXBuy Now
PS630PCPerformance® Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 6”x30”10EA/BXBuy Now
PS545PCPerformance® Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 5”x45”5EA/BXBuy Now
PS645PCPerformance® Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 6”x45”5EA/BXBuy Now


Essentially the same as our pre-cut splints but without the padding, our unpadded fiberglass Pre-cut Splints serve as (1) reinforcing strips, (2) pre-cut splints and (3) as a vital component in the creation of a Total Contact Cast.

Reinforcing strips “reinforce” the back end (posterior portion) of casts – usually the heel strike area of lower leg casts and much less frequently behind the elbow on long arm casts. This type of reinforcement eliminates the need for extra rolls of cast tape that will add bulk to the ankle area of the cast that then pose additional challenges upon removal (a thick cast is more difficult to remove – heat build-up of the saw blade and possible burning of the patient). It also strengthens the cast, reducing the need for the patient to come back for a costly repair or cast replacement.

They can also be used as traditional fiberglass splints where the clinician customizes his/her own splints. In this application, they must provide their own padding such as stockinette or felt. Another application that is catching on is in the wound care market place is as a component used in the creation of a Total Contact Cast. Here a 4″ x 30″ unpadded splint is used posteriorly to strengthen the total contact.

Special sizes can be made depending on volume.

Item NumberProduct DescriptionPackage
PS312NPPerformance® Un-Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 3”x12”10EA/BXBuy Now
PS415NPPerformance® Un-Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 4”x15”10EA/BXBuy Now
PS424NPPerformance® Un-Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 4”x24”10EA/BXBuy Now
PS430NPPerformance® Un-Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 4”x30”10EA/BXBuy Now
PS438NPPerformance® Un-Padded Fiberglass Pre-cut Splint 4”x38”10EA/BXBuy Now


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